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Our Appetizer Recommendations

 A selection of salamis from Norcia and Cinta di Siena 12.00 €
 Chianina beef carpaccio served on rucola salad with Parmesan flakes 10.00 €
 Smoked tuna-fish carpaccio served with Danish butter and white pepper 12.00 €
 Zucchini flan with tomato, basil and black-skin Pecorino cheese 10.00 €
 Chianina beef Tartare 18.00 €

Our Pasta Dishes

 Vialone risotto in wild mushrooms and grotta pecorino cheese sauce 12.00 €
 Crescent pear and Pecorino with Rochefort and poppy seeds 10.00 €
 Home-made dumplings with Zafferan 10.00 €
 Pappardelle Chianina anointed with shaved Parmasan 10.00 €
 Large ravioli filled with potatoes, 'bygone recipes' sauce 10.00 €
 Pici (hand made spaghetti) from Umbria region in garlic and tomato sauce 10.00 €
 Ricotta Ravioli with Black Truffle 14.00 €

Our Main Dishes

 Sliced beef pressed with cracked green Pepper served on a bed of Rucola 16.00 €
 Sliced duck breast with balsamic reduction reserve 18.00 €
 Broiled beef fillet with big salt 20.00 €
 Brandy-flavoured braised salt cod,served with pachino tomates and raisins 15.00 €
 Beef fillet flavoured with bacon and grapes 20.00 €
 Tipycal Florentine T-bone steak (hg) 4.00 €

Side Dishes

 Grilled vegetables dressed with extra virgin olive oil and fresh parsley 5.00 €
 Tuscan beans with Extra virgin olive oil 5.00 €
 Green beans dressed Extra virgin olive oil 5.00 €
 Pan-fried potatoes flavoured with rosemary 5.00 €

Our Fine Cheese Selection

 Caprino Herbed cheese with a spicy orange sauce 9.00 €
 Grotta Pecorino cheese enclosed in a walnut leaf for the aroma and served with honey 9.00 €
 Pecorino buccia nera aged cheese with a Spicy fig and Pinenut Citrus sauce 9.00 €
 An array of mixed cheeses with a Wine gelatine 12.00 €

For the Sweet-tooth

 Prato almond biscuits accompanied by Vin Santo dessert wine 5.00 €
 Mascarpone cheese cream with coffee-flavoured thin biscuits and chocolate 5.00 €
 Panna cotta (cream pudding) with wild berries 5.00 €
 Crème caramel 5.00 €
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